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CCN presents the culmination of a six month research project and detailed engagement with member councils to put forward the first blueprint for County Devolution.

The completed report, County Devolution: Our Plan for Government 2015-20, contains fresh ideas and detailed proposals on how a County Devolution Settlement can be delivered from May 2015. Case studies from member councils demonstrate how many strategic counties are now ready to deliver the proposals in partnership with the incoming Government.

County Devolution examines for the first time how this can be achieved in practice, identifying what specific fiscal freedoms, powers and budgets should be devolved as part of a comprehensive settlement for counties across strategic planning, infrastructure, transport, skills, employment and health and social care. These proposals will redefine how counties can deliver services and support growth.

New research undertaken for the report presents a detailed Case for Devolution, revealing the central role counties have played and continue to play in the UK recovery and reforming public services. It demonstrates that without radical reform counties will be unable to continue to drive the UK recovery and meet further challenges.

Drawing on the developing devolution proposals of our member councils and their partners, we also outline the parameters of how the incoming government can deliver strong governance arrangements in county areas, suited to our unique opportunities and challenges.

The Full Report is now available, as is a shorter Summary report.

The report's individual policy sections are also downloadable below.

Strategic Planning
Health and Social Care

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Last updated: 26 March 2015