£30m for Coronavirus enforcement: CCN response

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2020 | 08 October 2020

Today the government has announced an extra £30m for local authorities to support Coronavirus enforcement and compliance with national or local rules.

This fund is earmarked for councils to spend on Coronavirus marshals to deploy in their areas. In two-tier counties, this fund will be distributed to district councils.

Read the announcement here.

A County Councils Network spokesperson said:

“The rising infection rates seen across the country are a warning sign that a second Coronavirus wave is on the horizon, and councils will welcome this extra funding to help bolster enforcement efforts in county areas as local authorities seek to avoid localised lockdowns and the impact that could have on our communities.

“In two-tier areas, it is important that this funding is targeted and used flexibly to suppress the virus, continuing the strong collaborative working between public health teams in county councils and enforcement and regulatory departments in district councils.”