BT Blog: Working from home, together – how can we solve the collaboration conundrum?

CCN Blogs | 09 April 2020

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It would be an understatement to say that remote working has been propelled into the spotlight in the past two weeks. For local authorities, who are at the heart of their community’s response to Coronavirus, it means that important decisions can continue to be made and the day-to-day management of vital services carries on.

As organisations, communities and individuals pull together and make changes to try and stop the spread of Coronavirus, we are all adapting to working from home and keeping up business as usual without the benefit of face-to-face conversations.

So, you’ve got the technology, you’re hosting regular virtual team meetings, and you’re making the most of a difficult situation. But what about your employees? How do you ensure your company culture thrives in this new virtual world, and how do you keep the collaboration alive?

Nicola Millard, BT’s principal innovation partner, calls this the ‘collaboration conundrum’ and has explored the ways in which organisations can be mindful of how employees work together.

‘Forty per cent of the global workforce already work virtually.’ Leaders need to consider how this affects their own leadership style to create an inclusive culture and overcome the ‘challenge between old power structures and new ones.’

In Millard’s report, she outlines five top ways to encourage collaboration which include encouraging people to interact, leading by example, understanding the mind sets in your team and creating a belonging, inclusive culture. By considering these points in your day-to-day remote working life, you are already on the right track to help your business thrive.

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