Paul Abraham, Managing Director & Client Partner- Capita Public Service

I am delighted Capita are continuing our strategic partnership with the CCN in 2023. Through our collaboration last year we were able to build strong relationships with the sector; share thought leadership and ideas directly with members (for example, our work with the Productivity Institute); engage and share with colleagues some great content delivered by the CCN; and most importantly, have those vital and meaningful conversations about some of the key challenges faced by county authorities to understand how we can collectively find some light at the end of the tunnel.
We were also proud to share our research findings from our partnership work with Demos and the Good Things Foundation, which focused on the important topics of digital inclusivity of citizens and reimagining public services. Our work with the Productivity Institute, with tips and advice that was relevant for local government and the public sector in general, was also well received by the Policy and Strategy Committee. We do hope this research brought some useful insight to CCN members and contributed to making difference to council productivity and improving the citizen experience. 
Our focus in 2023 is all about integrated, transformational and relational public services – particularly looking at supporting vulnerable citizens in a cost of living crisis; helping local government to improve efficiency and productivity, and how working across public, private and third sector can truly help place shaped and build better outcomes for citizens across all counties.
We will be launching our new research programme, in partnership with think tank Localis, called ‘Level Measures’ – a modern agenda for public service integration, which will receive input from stakeholders across the local government family. The outcomes of the research which published in July. 
I very much look forward to myself and my teams having some great conversations across the year again with CCN members and to prove our worth as a valuable partner in local government.

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