Paul Abraham, Managing Director & Client Partner- Capita Public Service

Our people here at Capita live and breathe public service and we never forget that we are here to provide a service to the local community. We truly care about the impact we make.
I truly believe that collaboration is key if we are to address some of societies and local government’s biggest challenges. By partnering with CCN it allows Capita to not only have those collaborative conversations about the best way forward in tackling those challenges but to really bring added value to CCN members by providing research findings, insight and experiences that can really make difference to council productivity and improving the citizen experience.
We are looking forward to sharing the findings of our research programmes with Demos and the Good Things Foundation, focused around the digital inclusivity of citizens and reimagining public services – a programme that is building a credible policy agenda for 21st century public services with citizen experiences at the centre.
Our focus in 2022 is about improving local government productivity, up and re-skilling people and shaping a better place for citizens. If local government is truly going to transform services then we need to free up officer time to give them the thinking time and ability to focus their time and efforts on what makes the most difference. We also need to upskill and re-train our workforces to deliver the citizen service expectations of now and the future.
I very much look forward to myself and my teams having some meaningful conversations across the year with CCN members and to prove our worth as a valuable partner in local government.

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