CCN Chairman Statement

CCN News 2015 | 30 June 2015

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CCN Chairman announces he is stepping down from his role following his election as LGA Conservative Group Leader.

Cllr David Hodge

Cllr David Hodge

Responding to his election as Conservative Group Leader, out-going CCN Chairman Cllr David Hodge said;

“I’m delighted and honoured to have been elected and look forward to leading the Conservatives in local government.

My election, however, does mean that I will be stepping down as CCN Chairman with immediate effect.

During the past two years, CCN has become an influential and respected network; one willing to challenge and work with Government to deliver better services for local people.

It’s been an honour to work with County Leaders and the CCN Team to put forward a range of ambitious and radical proposals on reforming public services, culminating in Our Plan for Government and our blueprint for County Devolution published earlier this year. Following our extensive collaboration with members on devolution, CCN continues to lead the way in ensuring that recent Government proposals on English Devolution reach all four corners of England.

At a time of immense challenge for county authorities, CCN has provided leadership and support to its member councils. The importance of the network will only increase as councils take more difficult decisions over the coming years and we seek to secure real devolution to county areas.

I will now put in place the necessary processes for electing a new CCN Chairman, who I am sure, will take CCN from strength to strength in the coming years.”