CCN in the media: Coronavirus

CCN has featured prominently in the media since the Coronavirus outbreak, outlining the good work carried out by county local authorities across the country, sharing best practice, and highlighting issues and concerns that they have in dealing with the virus.

£300m to councils for test, track, and trace: CCN response

Counties fear a rise in vulnerable children needing support due to the lockdown

Councils call for ‘income guarantee’ to see them through the Coronavirus pandemic

‘Think twice’ about travelling to county beauty for exercise this weekend

Councils asked to put in place care home support plans 

£600m for care homes: CCN response

Avoid rushing to recycling centres when they re-open, councils urge 

Fair Funding Review delay: CCN response

Household waste recycling centres to re-open

Counties call for clarity over emergency Coronavirus funds 

Councils’ budget pressures in the media: CCN response

Counties welcome extra £1.6bn for Coronavirus costs

Government’s social care plan during Coronavirus: CCN response

Rural counties see spike in Coronavirus cases as councils urge residents to stay at home 

Councils reporting concerns that community pharmacies lack capacity to deliver to all rural residents

Possible council tax deferrals: CCN response

Personal Protection Equipment Guidance: CCN response

Councils outline changes to services to protect residents during Coronavirus 

County Councils Network and District Councils Network: ‘We must work as one’

£1.6bn Coronavirus fund for councils: CCN response 

Public Health Grant allocations: CCN response