CCN voices concerns over academisation

CCN News 2016 | 28 April 2016

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The County Councils Network has warned there is a ‘grave risk’ that education standards won’t improve if the Government’s plan to force all schools to become academies becomes policy.

And this, coupled with a new national funding formula for schools, is in danger of seeing local government written out of the education script, CCN chairman Paul Carter warned.

The national media reported CCN’s over the weekend, with BBC News running an interview with Cllr Carter on national TV over the weekend, which was followed up by a host of other media, including the Guardian and ITV News.

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CCN argues both the funding formula and forced academisation would seriously reduce the role of councils in supporting pupils with high needs

It could also threaten the future of smaller rural schools,  which are cross subsidised by local authorities because of their higher costs.

You can view CCN’s national coverage below, plus the Cllr Carter interview on BBC News.

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