Communities and Environment

With counties representing 26 million people and covering 86% of the country’s landmass, county communities, their environment, and their history are embedded in English culture. That is why CCN has consistently campaigned for counties to be put on a level playing field with their urban counterparts, with rural England contributing hugely to the country’s economic, social and cultural success.

From public health, to rural broadband, to road maintenance, to waste disposal; counties play a pivotal role in their residents’ wellbeing and the environment they live in. It is crucial that funding matches county leaders ambitions though, with public health having a direct impact on local health pressures and internet connectivity directly impacting on local growth and business start-ups. While counties are the strategic units of local government, they have also shown themselves able to do the local well, with area boards utilising devolved powers and funding at the heart of local towns, villages, and communities.

CCN, alongside the LGA, will continue to campaign for better high-speed broadband coverage in rural areas and adequate funds in place for counties to maintain their roads, in the context of the Government’s Industrial Strategy. CCN will also continue to champion the benefits of public health in the wider local health system, and warn of the impact in having to generate more efficiencies.

Counties face a 3.9% year-on-year real-terms cut in public health budgets
CCN Members have the lowest super fast broadband coverage out of any local authority type, 84%
Counties maintain 70% of local roads
CCN Members spend more than any other type of local authority on community development

CCN advocacy

  • Showcase the importance of county governance and the historical significance of counties, highlighting how close to they are their communities, developing strong local links and devolving substantial powers and they budgets down to localities
  • Support the LGAs ongoing campaigning work on digital infrastructure, and making the case for high-speed broadband covering the length and breadth of rural England
  • Highlight the importance of preventative public health to the wider local health jigsaw and the NHS, and showcase the impact of dwindling public health budgets
  • Advocating adequately funded road maintenance budgets for county authorities

CCN Communities and Wellbeing Spokesman

Cllr Ian Stewart, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party on Cumbria County Council