Coronavirus: How counties are stepping up to help the nation

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2020 | 04 June 2020

The emergence of Coronavirus has changed each and every one of our lives dramatically. No part of the public sector has been left unchanged by the virus, and this is especially true of local government.

CCN’s member councils, alongside all of local government, had to change the way they operate and deliver services almost instantaneously as the pandemic begun to spread in the Spring. Their efforts, however,  go much deeper than adapting services and re-redeploying staff: they have played a substantial role in helping the national effort to combat the virus; going above and beyond and stepping up where asked.

Today the County Councils Network has released a short publication outlining some examples of where its member councils have stepped up to the national effortDownload it here.

The publication shows how county authorities have risen to the numerous challenges posed by the pandemic, and how they have imaginatively solved problems arising during the pandemic: from re-deploying thousands of staff to frontline roles combating Coronavirus, to piloting new infection control methods in care homes, to delivering thousands of food parcels to the most vulnerable in our societies.



The document is split into five different areas, featuring case studies from three councils in each category:

  • Protecting the NHS and adult social care
  • Assisting the vulnerable and those who have been ‘shielded’ from the virus
  • Making the best use of staff and services during the pandemic
  • Marshalling hundreds of local volunteers
  • Efforts to help local economic recovery