County Councils Network during Coronavirus

In line with most public organisations, the County Councils Network’s (CCN) planned advocacy will be based on representing member councils during the Coronavirus, and ensuring that they have the powers and resources needed to assist in the national effort by making the case to government.

CCN will be providing comprehensive support to its member authorities on county-specific issues affecting our councils. This will include working closely with the Association of County Chief Executives and the Society of County Treasurers to disseminate government guidance, policies, and announcements, and to provide good practice examples, alongside uniformity in Coronavirus advocacy across member councils.

The team is also ensuring that the important issues for county and unitary authorities are raised directly with relevant ministers and officials whilst responding to members councils’ requests for clarification on issues where possible.

In the immediate term, CCN is undertaking the following advocacy:

  • Working with its 36 member councils to understand additional costs for county authorities as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. This advocacy will include calls for a fair distribution of resource to counties in the money that is made available to councils, and that new responsibilities are fully funded and recognise the role of counties in what they can offer to the national effort.
  • We are working to ensure that counties are supported in their local leadership role they will have both nationally and to their local communities.
  • We will keep member councils updated through specific and tailored correspondence.
CCN is currently producing a weekly analysis of positive cases of Coronavirus in county areas. You can download the latest publication by clicking the image opposite.