Neil Sartorio, Lead Partner, Local Public Services

EY’s strategic partnership with CCN is at the cornerstone of our work within the Local Government sector, and we are proud to work with a network that advocates so strongly and effectively on behalf of its Members. We were excited to re-commence our partnership with CCN last year, ignited through the launch of Global Britain, Global Counties in the opening plenary at November’s annual conference – showing the potential that CCN member councils have to attract high levels of FDI, turbocharge economic growth, and enhance the prosperity of their localities.
EY’s work spans the Local Government Sector, providing a broad range of Professional Service capabilities in Consulting, Tax and Transactions to many of CCN’s member councils. Our clients in the sector are also our partners in delivering our own mission of “Building a better working world”, and we pride ourselves in having people focussed on purpose-driven transformation – motivated by delivering positive outcomes for Councils and for the residents we all serve.
We recognise the significant and growing complexity of challenges that Local Authorities face, and stand ready to collaborate with CCN and member councils in tackling these issues. We have agreed with CCN that our work together in the coming year will be targeted around the economic and inclusive growth imperative, which councils are at the heart of delivering. This will focus on sustainability and inclusive growth, alongside helping councils grapple with policy announcements on economic functions transitioning back within local authority control from Local Enterprise Partnerships. This will all be delivered against a backdrop of the devolution agenda, which provides CCN’s members with the policy levers, tools and solutions to reshape the future of Local Authority delivery working with central government.
We are excited to continue to be a trusted partner of CCN, and look forward to working closely with many member councils in 2023/24 and beyond.

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