Alexander Mileman, Director 

At EY, we support government and public sector organisations to solve their toughest challenges and realise their greatest ambitions – continually seeking innovative answers to complex problems.
Across all our areas of expertise, our people work with stakeholders to address the complexities that local public services face and navigate the questions which are close to them:
‘What does devolution mean for you?’
‘How can you harness the power of private sector investment and innovation to drive growth and equality across your area?
‘What are the practicalities and opportunities of delivering a net-zero agenda against the backdrop of needing to level up?’
We combine a leading private sector practice with public sector experience, knowledge and expertise with an understanding of diverse needs, continually building capability to deliver improved services and tackle inequality.
We demonstrate our commitment to successful transformation through innovative commercial advice, and support our clients to improve their local communities and enhance public value.

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