Matthew Skinner, Chief Executive

FutureGov is a change agency, on a mission to build 21st-century public sector institutions that are catalysts for change in the internet and climate era.

For over a decade, we’ve supported organisations with digital transformation, service design and community development to radically improve outcomes for communities in the 21st century.
For us, becoming a strategic partner of CCN means working with some of the biggest players in local government to take on the most challenging social issues of our era.
We believe local authorities have the opportunity to transition to being conveners in their place. This will require new types of public service leadership and a strong vision for creating a new, networked approach to creating public value in places.In terms of priorities, the COVID-19 pandemic shone an uncompromising light on many areas of public service that are broken.
Over the next year, we’re aiming to work with our CCN partners to radically change our approaches to health and social care, start making an immediate impact against the climate crisis and engage with our citizens and communities to help make difficult decisions and take action on complex issues.
We want to share best practices, building on what we’ve learned together with the rest of the sector, seeing an opportunity for everyone to save money by changing their relationships with communities, place leadership and using different models for delivering public services.


FutureGov is becoming TPXimpact

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