Government unveils its ten-point climate change plan: CCN response

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2020 | 18 November 2020

Today the Prime Minister has released the government’s ten-point climate change plan, which can be read here.

This includes a target to phase our diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030 alongside proposals to create thousands of green jobs.

Below, the County Councils Network responds to the announcement.

Cllr Sam Corcoran, environment spokesperson for the County Councils Network, said:

“The government has today set out some very challenging targets, and rightly so: it is only if we take action now as communities and individuals that the changes that are needed will take place. A focus creating greener jobs as part of the economic recovery from Coronavirus, as well as environmentally-friendly development, is welcome.

“However, councils are facing huge financial shortfalls which has been exacerbated by the virus. Therefore, they will need a climate transition fund to enable the rapid conversion of council vehicles, properties, and schools to meet these laudable targets. Councils will continue to play a leading role in combating climate change in their communities as we transition to a greener future – but this cannot be with one arm tied behind their backs.”