LGC article on fair funding review modelling; CCN response

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2020 | 31 January 2020

Today the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) has obtained and reported (see here) on an unpublished briefing sent to CCN member councils, covering initial findings of our fair funding review modelling with Pixel Financial Management.

Below, the County Councils Network we have issued the this quote in response;

“CCN has always maintained that councils of all shapes, sizes and political colours could benefit from a fairer distribution of resources. In doing so, we have stressed the need to focus on all aspects of the review, not isolated factors. 

“These are only initial, unpublished, results of our independent modelling, based on a number of evidence-based assumptions. However, they show that the fair funding review has the potential to deliver a fairer settlement for CCN member councils, metropolitan and unitary boroughs, benefiting councils in the midlands, the north, and south, towns, cities, rural areas and coastal communities. They challenge common assertions over the past twelve months that the review will disproportionately benefit shire counties at the expense of metropolitan boroughs.

“We hope that these emerging findings from Pixel will help generate a more proportionate and balanced discussion on the implications of the review across the sector when complete. This is alongside the sector collectively making the case for additional resources for all councils. The argument for a bigger quantum and fairer funding are two sides of the same coin.”