New unitary council in Buckinghamshire comes into existence today

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2020 | 01 April 2020

Today the new unitary council in Buckinghamshire has come into existence today, with the four district councils and the county council in the area now ceasing to exist.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, elections for the new council have been delayed until 2021, with councillors on the shadow authority becoming councillors on the new council, until an election is held.

Below, the County Councils Network responds.

Simon Edwards, director of the County Councils Network, said:

“The formation of a new unitary council in Buckinghamshire is a historic day for the county. The new council comes into being in unique circumstances, with all efforts geared towards tackling the Coronavirus outbreak.

“The fact that a new local authority has been able to be created in such a challenging period is testament to the close collaboration between the four district councils and the county council, working as one for Buckinghamshire.

“We have assisted the formation of the new council, drawing on the experience of our existing unitary members and we look forward to continuing this support as the County Councils Network’s newest member.”