County Councils Network launches its Manifesto for Counties ahead of the general election

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2024 | 30 May 2024

The County Councils Network has today launched its Manifesto for Counties – the network’s key asks for the main political parties in the run up to July’s general election.

Drawing on an extensive evidence-base and a shared vision, CCN’s cross-party manifesto sets out detailed proposals for political parties to adopt in the lead up to July 4 and then implement during the next Parliament.

CCN’s manifesto is web-based. Click here to visit the new website.

Built on four foundations, and containing over 160 proposals across five policy areas, it sets out an ambitious blueprint for the future of local government in England. It outlines how sustainable but empowered county and unitary authorities can work in partnership with the next government to deliver their domestic agenda, while tackling some of our nation’s greatest economic and social challenges.

Alongside the Manifesto for Counties, leaders of the CCN political groups have signed a cross-party general election statement, which can be read here.

This urges all political parties to engage with the proposals being put forward by the network, helping to ensure that the unique challenges and opportunities facing counties are placed at the heart of the general election campaign.

In a press release to coincide with the launch, CCN warns that warn local services could face breaking point without long-term funding and ‘fundamental’ reform.

We hope this Manifesto for Counties will help councillors from CCN’s member councils engage their local Parliamentary candidates with its proposals for a brighter and better future for county and unitary councils.

Once a new government takes office, the Manifesto for Counties will provide the basis for influencing their priorities and policy programme, including the King’s Speech and forthcoming Spending Review.