CCN in the news

Job Opportunity: CCN Media & Communications OfficerThe County Councils Network are recruiting a Media and Communications Officer. This officer will contribute to the development of CCN’s media and communications strategy and lead on developing and delivering media and news activity for CCN.

Health & Social Care in Counties: Funding, Demand & Cost PressuresDuring 2015, LG Futures were commissioned by CCN to undertake an analysis in relation to health & social care funding and expenditure. For the first time, this new analysis maps social care and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) funding to local authority boundaries. The research examines the comparative levels of funding and potential demand and cost pressures for CCN members compared to other authority types.

Spending Review 2015: CCN Spokesmen ReactionThe Spending Review was far reaching in terms of its impact on local government. CCN's spokesmen have commented upon the key announcements impacting upon their areas of responsibility.

CCN in the Press: Spending Review 2015Councillor Paul Carter responded to the Spending Review announcement on 25th November. As a result a number of trade press stories have been published that contain the CCN’s Chairman’s comments.

CCN Work

CCN Business Plan 2015-16 The CCN Business Plan 2015-16 sets out the organisation's vision, aims and objectives. The document also outlines CCN team responsiblilities and highlight's work that has delivered over the past six months.