Paul Deegan, Lead Partner, Local Public Services

Local government is at the forefront of responding to some of the most complex challenges in our society. PwC are committed to doing all we can to support the sector to address these challenges and deliver improved outcomes for people and places. We work with local authorities of all types across the country, helping them to understand local needs, identify priorities, plan their activity to meet these requirements and transform ways of working to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
PwC have worked particularly closely with a number of CCN member councils and with the CCN itself, forging an effective partnership which we hope has been of benefit to all member councils. Our main focus for the year was the development and production of the Future of Local Government report, which called on local authorities and the sector to work together to address some of the challenges relating to levelling up, place leadership, community engagement, workforce planning and the opportunities to take advantage of new technologies. As a result of this work, we have continued to support several councils with their own plans for pursuing devolution, public service reform in their areas and ambitious plans to transform their operations.
Over the course of the coming year we will be focussing on helping our clients to renew their focus on strategy, and to transform their organisations such that they can continue to shape the places they represent and support the most vulnerable members of our society. In particular, we will be working with the CCN and its member councils to explore the opportunities arising from the levelling up agenda, identify the characteristics of successful place leadership and support them to continue to innovate (using technology more effectively, delivering cultural change, managing their supply chain on a more commercial basis and redesigning service models) in response to the demand and funding challenge.


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