Jon Ainger, Director

IMPOWER is proud to be a strategic partner of the CCN, supporting its efforts to work closely with member councils on issues of importance to them. To us, CCN not only represents the largest councils in the country, but it genuinely values the strategic contribution to its agenda that private sector partners can make. We particularly value the opportunity to contribute to sector improvement and policy improvement that CCN offers.
During 21-22 IMPOWER led a major research project into the Resilience of local government, with 9 CCN members taking part in our research. This led to a CCN report, launched during the pandemic, and has produced a series of follow-on blogs, articles and content – including the launch of the framework for the whole of local government.
County authorities remain a critical component of IMPOWER’s ongoing work in local government. This past year we have worked with 10 CCN member councils to deliver a wide range of transformational assignments, across MTFS financial planning, strategic support in the Health space, adult social care, children’s social care and SEND.
During the coming year we will be prioritising the delivery of performance improvement and reduced spending for our clients across our core areas of business – adult social care, children’s social care, High Needs and SEND, and health & social care interface. We will also be further developing our client support for climate change and applied analytics, and we will be launching our ‘Future Council’ approach. We will be conducting a number of research projects looking into the future challenges facing local government and health and will be looking to CCN members for their participation and support.


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