Jeremy Cooper, Head of Local Government

IMPOWER is proud to be a strategic partner of the CCN, supporting its efforts to work closely with member councils on issues of importance to them. One example of this is the work we recently undertook together to better understand organisational resilience.
With the input of an impressive number of organisations and individuals (11 councils, 28 council chief execs, 89 council leaders and deputies, and 36 complexity specialists to be exact!) we were able to develop a framework to assess a council’s resilience levels.
We applied this to several councils to provide a snapshot of resilience at a uniquely revealing time. The report makes the case for councils to understand resilience as an organisational capability, and to move quickly to invest in it. We look forward to further collaboration with the CCN on this topic over the coming months.
Our priorities for the year ahead include acting as a delivery partner to support councils bouncing forward, which is closely aligned to the CCN’s core campaign for 2021/22: Counties; Leading Recovery, Delivering Renewal.
We will continue to deliver impact right across councils, building from the big complex demand-led service areas of health interface, social care and high needs. We will continue to work with the CCN to ensure we stay close to emerging priorities.


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