Henham Strategy


Nick King, Managing Director 

As a public policy and public affairs consultancy with extensive experience of working with clients across local government and in regional growth, Henham Strategy was proud to become a strategic partner to CCN in 2021.
Our relationship with the CCN is of enormous importance to us, as is the work we are doing with individual CCN member counties from the south coast to the north of England. Counties need to be empowered to play their full part in local, place-based decision-making if the Government’s Levelling Up agenda is to be properly realised, and this is where we add value to the CCN’s programme of political engagement.
As well as individual county authorities, we have also worked with Local Enterprise Partnerships and Pan-Regional Partnerships such as the Midlands Engine and the South East 7 grouping of councils, and we look forward to continuing this over the coming year, helping regions and county areas make the case to Government for devolving greater powers and funding. Our record in this area is one we are proud of: we have worked with local areas on governance reviews, researched and written detailed policy reports on devolution and Levelling Up, built political engagement strategies, and worked on specific projects including around EV infrastructure, Town Investment Plans and exports.
Now that the Government has set out its intentions in the Levelling Up White Paper, with its central ambition for greater local and regional empowerment, mainly through giving counties more powers , we are excited to continue working closely with the CCN in 2022 and beyond to help realise this ambition. In doing so, we are keen to help support CCN’s member counties across the whole country as part of their post-pandemic economic recovery.

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