Steven Phillips, Senior Partner

Newton values the opportunity to support and engage with CCN and its members around shared priorities.
Over the last year, we have continued to partner with our county authority clients and the wider sector to reimagine public services, focused on the needs of people and communities, in a way that also ensures the financial sustainability of critical public services and fosters greater staff engagement. Our programmes now span across adult social care (including older and working age adults), children’s safeguarding and SEND, housing, and integrated care and health.
In addition to supporting local authorities to achieve the ambitions they have for their place by delivering world-class people services, we are increasingly being asked to work alongside leaders to bring an evidence base to the opportunities to purposefully prioritise and invest in innovation – for example by using data and artificial intelligence to move forward the prevention agenda. We are also pleased to be the DfE’s delivery partner for Phase One of the Delivering Better Value in SEND programme.
Where appropriate, we hope that the insight we can share can support other authorities, in part through our campaigns with CCN.
We are delighted to have already started working with a number of county authorities and London boroughs to understand the existing issues within the placement market for looked after children. In the next year, we look forward to further collaborating with CCN and its members, connecting our shared leadership priorities across government.

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