Steven Phillips, Senior Partner

Newton and CCN have built and developed their relationship over the last few years into a valuable and collaborative partnership, and we welcome the conversations and opportunities that this provides us.
Over the last year we have been fortunate enough to work with 6 member councils to deliver multi-year and multi-phase transformation programmes and we hope that the insight and experience we are able to bring from these engagements is valuable to both CCN and other member councils.
We recently completed a programme of work with CCN, culminating in a report on the ‘Future of Adult Social Care’. The programme involved engaging with 26 county authorities and over 150 individuals – including those working in social care and health; individuals with lived experience of social care; and their families.
We believe this engagement added a huge amount of value to the programme. It provided a richness of local expertise and experience that resulted in a report that reflects the views of the sector and beyond. We were delighted with the reception to the work, and hope that further value comes from stimulating conversations both locally and nationally on adult social care reform, and crucially the role of local government within that.
Over the next year, in addition to our work in adult social care, we will be focussing on building on our existing insight and experience in children’s services. We hope this provides further opportunities to collaborate with CCN and member councils.


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