Kelly Watson, Relationship Manger, Local Government

This year’s strategic partnership with CCN is the next phase in our strong collaboration with the network over many years. Today, CCLA manages over £2.5bn for over 700 local authority clients of all types, with particularly strong relationships with county and unitary authorities, managing around £420m of investments on their behalf. Working with these authorities, we share a determination to maximise our positive impact on society.
Our aim is to help by harnessing the power of investment markets. Furthermore, recognising that these markets are only as healthy as the people, communities and environment that support them, we believe firmly that we have a responsibility to build a more sustainable future.
Addressing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy is, therefore, a highest engagement priority. We engage with companies on a broad range of other issues, including executive remuneration, modern day slavery, mental health, inequality (including the Living Wage), health and safety, labour standards, gender diversity, single-use plastics, and nutrition. We would like to enhance our work on these issues through closer working with CCN and member councils.
CCLA makes no claim to having the answers to the challenges facing society today, but it is clear we have certain skills and an interest in social, economic, and environmental justice, which sets us apart from other managers. The ambition is to deliver trusted, responsibly managed, and strongly performing products that are aligned with our clients’ values and purpose. A description of ‘good investment’ that most people would recognise.
CCLA Investment Management Limited and CCLA Fund Managers Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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