Grant Thornton

Paul Dosset, Head of Local Government

CCN is a key strategic partner for Grant Thornton, allowing us to engage with senior leaders from county authorities to debate the challenges and opportunities being faced outside London and other metropolitan areas, and to test our concepts and our thinking.
Over the last year we have worked with many county authorities as consultants, advisors and auditors. We also worked with CCN on a number of key reports: Place-Based Growth, Place-Based Recovery and Analysing the Impact of Covid-19 on County Authority Finances.
Our priorities for the coming year are supporting councils in managing change and building resilience – organisational resilience as well as resilience of the places they shape and lead. In particular we would hope to work with CCN and CCN member councils on how they ensure ongoing financial sustainability, realise sustainable growth and economic recovery from Covid-19, ensure effective management of demand led services, and in responding to public sector reform. We will also be wanting to support sector led development in improving governance, where required, in the use in light of recent public interest reports and investigations.
We fully support CCN’s new core campaign Leading Recovery, Delivering Renewal. County areas are the places where growth will need to occur for the government’s “levelling up” agenda to be successful, as the Place Based Growth report highlighted. The Place Based Recovery report set out how Covid-19 has only strengthened the argument for place-based responses to economic recovery as well as the delivery of longer term, sustainable growth to address spatial imbalances and inequalities.
We look forward to our continued collaboration.


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