Cornwall devolution deal: CCN response

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2022 | 02 December 2022

St Ives

Today the government has announced it has reached an agreement with Cornwall on a new devolution deal for the county.

This deal, which builds on the devolution deal secured by the county in 2015, includes a directly-elected mayor, devolved adult education powers, and further levers in transport and housing.

It follows on from devolution agreements in North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Suffolk this year.

Below, the County Councils Network responds to the announcement.

Cllr Martin Hill, County Councils Network Devolution Spokesperson said:

“Cornwall secured the first-ever county devolution deal in 2015 and today’s historic announcement bolsters the powers available to the county and builds on the excellent work carried out by the council over the last seven years. Devolved adult education powers will allow the council to effectively develop the skills of its local residents, tailoring them to local need, whilst further levers on housing and transport will make a real difference for people.

“The deal, like Suffolk, could introduce the first directly elected individual of a county authority. This is a unique form of governance, bringing together both devolved powers and existing service delivery. The County Councils Network (CCN) looks forward to continuing to work with Cornwall as they consult on the proposal and put in place these new arrangements.

“It has been a positive few weeks with this deal following on from an agreement in Suffolk, bringing the total number of county devolution deals agreed this year to five. This is an encouraging start but we need the government to go further and faster, and we’d like to see an acceleration of the county devolution agenda in 2023.”