New CCN Spokesman Appointed

CCN News 2015 | 12 October 2015

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Following the recent appointment of Councillor Paul Carter as Chairman of CCN, we are delighted to confirm the appointment of new CCN Spokesman.

Spokesman will support the work of the Chairman and CCN’s Management Committee and will lead on each of CCN’s policy priorities.

Spokesmen are allocated on a broadly politically proportionate basis and political groups are responsible for nominating individual Spokesmen for policy priorities agreed by Management Committee.

Policy Priorities and political allocations for Spokesmen for 2015/16 are as follows:


  • Devolution – Cllr Martin Hill, Leader, Lincolnshire County Council
  • Public Sector Reform – Cllr Philip Atkins, Leader, Staffordshire County Council
  • Health & Social Care – Cllr Colin Noble, Leader, Suffolk County Councty
  • Children, Young People & Learning – Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Oxfordshire County Council


  • Economic Growth & Prosperity – Cllr Anne Western, Leader, Derbyshire County Counci
  • Local Government Finance – Cllr David Borrow, Deputy Leader, Lancashire County Council

Liberal Democrat

  • Communities & Wellbeing – Cllr Ian Stewart, Cabinet Member for Public Health & Community Services, Cumbria County Council