Stronger Towns Fund prospectus: CCN responds

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2019 | 01 November 2019

Today the government has released its prospectus for the Stronger Towns Fund, a £3.6bn fund designed to improve and enhance towns and their high streets.

Below, the County Councils Network has responded to the blueprint.

Cllr Barry Lewis, economic growth and industrial strategy spokesman for the County Councils Network, said:

“If this funding is to genuinely improve and enhance towns and ensure our areas are better connected as part of the ‘levelling up’ agenda, then this requires a joint effort from all of those who know their local economies well – from residents, to local businesses, to councils.

 “Therefore, we are pleased that county authorities will be on the delivery boards of this fund. Counties’ role in delivering growth, transport and infrastructure to improve local economies  and connectivity will form an important part of how this funding is spent. Counties have a track record of working closely with their communities whilst having the capacity and size to effectively work across wider geographies in addition to immediate towns, providing strategic oversight for place-based growth.

“As these partnerships are developed we will need to ensure that lead authorities have the appropriate capacity to bring together the necessary partners and ensure this funding translates into tangible results for our towns.”