Update to Cornwall devolution deal: CCN responds

CCN Latest News, CCN News 2023 | 04 April 2023

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Today Cornwall Council has confirmed that it will no longer be pursuing a ‘level three’ devolution deal, including the introduction of a directly-elected mayor. Instead, the council will re-negotiate a ‘level two’ arrangement without any changes to governance.

Below, the County Councils Network responds.

A County Councils Network Spokesperson said:

“Cornwall Council’s cabinet have taken the decision to renegotiate their devolution proposal with government to a level two deal without a change to governance. The County Councils Network (CCN) has always said that the government should remain flexible on governance arrangements and we will now support the council in securing the most ambitious devolution deal possible.

“CCN has long called for a new approach to devolution in county areas, moving away from the traditional combined authority model more suitable for city and urban areas. That is why we strongly welcomed the Levelling Up White Paper providing a clear devolution framework and new governance models better suited to these county areas. But ultimately it is down to individual councils to decide whether these arrangements suit their local needs.    

“We remain fully committed to supporting those areas who are progressing mayoral or directly-elected devolution deals in the East Midlands, Norfolk, North East and Suffolk. We remain convinced that they have the potential to be transformational for their areas: providing the most ambitious set of powers available and billions of pounds of investment over the coming years.

“We will continue to support all those areas named in the Levelling Up White Paper to conclude level three or two deals, while also supporting a second wave of areas to achieve their devolution ambitions over the coming period”.